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YOU are a bright, keen, newly minted genius FIGHTER PILOT in SPACE, and here comes a series of ever-more perilous missions - and a journey into who you really are and what's worth giving your all to protect... 

Angel Bird!! Take to the skies!!!


7 tracks, wav format, mostly loops (except for the final track.)

After testing out sounds with the original midi madness (free) variety pack, I wanted challenge myself particularly to write more fast-paced or action-oriented tracks using these sounds, and ones that fit together as a coherent soundtrack.  I came up with the idea of this little "EP" soundtrack for missions or modules on some kind of Ace Combat / space shooter game... 

Yes, MIDI is a standard not a soundset.  (And these are all in audio not midi formats).  But these tracks are meant evoke 90s computer game soundtracks with the sound of Roland sound modules and old soundcards—which is what we often mean by using "midi" as shorthand.  They'd go well with a range of art styles, from very simple on up.

These are also all in one way or another… a Lot.  Subtlty this ain't.   

The genre / titles are just examples of course; while I would be utterly delighted if someone wanted to create this action-packed space shooter with surprising emotional heft.... you could definitely use these for other action, racing, retro game tracks, or even RPG battle themes.


Credit is required — Music by Sara Garrard / sonatina.itch.io.

Also please send me a link so I can see what you've done!


cover art by NightmareSR71.


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